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Wisconsin is a home to a legendary distinctive weekly tradition that has surpassed generations: the Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry. Going out for a Friday night Fish Fry is popular year round in Wisconsin - it's a synonym for delicious, reasonably priced meal of baked or fried fish offered just about anywhere in the state on Friday nights.

How did the Wisconsin Fish Fry tradition begin?

While Fish Fry roots are in Catholicism and the large German population tradition of fish dinners on meatless Fridays - it's only one of the common historical and cultural denominators. In addition, the fishing culture of the Ojibway and other native tribes also played a major role in the evolution of the Fish Fry, along with the proximity to the Great Lakes and an abundance of fish available throughout the state.

Similarly, immigrants from various national and ethnic backgrounds brought the technology of frying with them to Wisconsin, and blended their own fish traditions with the native recipes. All together served to cement the Fish Fry meal as a pan-ethnic and pan-religious cultural practice common to many Wisconsin residents.

Restaurants in these areas have been regular customers for fish deliveries since the late 1800s, so associations between fish and beer and spirits have long been established as well. However, eating fish in restaurants did not become a social tradition in Wisconsin until the Prohibition era - so Friday Fish Fry is much more recent ritual.

Prohibition helped put the Fish Fry on the local map

During the Prohibition era, to replace alcohol, restaurants and taverns created Fish Fry weekly social event as a catchy marketing concept to attract and keep customers. Fish Fry menu on Friday nights was an affordable activity that entire families could participate in together so it soon became a widely recognized family tradition practiced throughout the state. Boasting a Fish Fries quickly became very popular in Wisconsin, and gained statewide attention.

Over the years Fish Fries have shaped and were shaped by Wisconsin social and cultural life, and played a significant role in intertwining various Wisconsin cultures. Fish Fry phenomenon, a blend of ethnic heritage and restaurant business strategy, persisted into the present, spreading across the state from Green Bay and Milwaukee especially.

It's still a fun time for families. Besides being a tasty meal, Fish Fry menu is a part of Wisconsin's famed festive party culture and friendly ambiance where friends, family, and neighbors mingle, share camaraderie, and exchange stories while sharing comfort food and drink.

Come and join us at Heaven City Restaurant in Mukwonago, just a 20-minute drive from Milwaukee - the house of ill repute and a former gangster Al Capone's hangout - and experience the authentic Wisconsin Fish Fry menu in nostalgic ambiance of yesteryear era.


Savor One of the Best Fish Fries in the Milwaukee area!

Make Heaven City's Fish Fry tradition your own tradition - the experience will surely keep you coming back for more. View Fish Fry menu

If you prefer a traditional Wisconsin Fish Fry menu, you'll really enjoy our famous baked or fried fish using an old world secret light beer batter for our plump Icelandic cod.

In the mood for seafood but want to try our spin on something different? Enjoy Heaven City's "Fish Try" - a contemporary twist on the traditional Milwaukee Fish Fry menu that is sure to please.

Sample some of the best seafood in Milwaukee and enjoy this adored Fish Fry tradition in an old world restaurant atmosphere where Chef Carson will tantalize you with new and exciting seafood recipes.

Heaven City's Friday Fish Fry Specials

Come and enjoy Heaven City's Friday Fish Fry Specials. Choose from a traditional cod fish fry or opt for one of our delectable seafood entrees. Welcome the weekend in the elegant, old time atmosphere of this registered Wisconsin Historical site.


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